NH .223 Day of Resistance – NH State Rep Al Baldasaro and Pro-Second Amendment Lawyer, Evan Nappen

You have to love former USMC First Sergeant Al Baldasaro (and now NH State Representative)!  See problem – go straight ahead.  Doesn’t care whose delicate liberal insensibilities get offended (and resulting loud crying) in the process.  Here is a person, having served with honor after swearing an oath to the US Constitution, that understands that there are lines that cannot be crossed.  Among those lines are the absolute values embedded within the words and lines of the Bill of Rights and Constitution right back to the philosophical foundation that was expressed in the Declaration of Independence.

And you gotta love the scissors!

Evan Nappen is a guy that I have not met yet – I do need to (I was tending to the livestream most of the day and rarely left the tent area).  However, if you listened to my speech, I called out a sign that I saw out in the crowd being held by a young lady (“I’m smarter than Joe Biden”); that turned out to be Evan Nappen’s daughter (and I did enjoy Jeff’s quip at the end as well).


NH State Rep Al Baldasaro                                                  Evan Nappen, Esq.

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