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Apparently, what was not good for the goose IS good for the gander

Obama’s political promises all come with expiration dates –  It seems that his political taunts do as well – at least those that can help him if he conveniently forgets that he used them against his enemies earlier.  Like when being a non-profit was BAAAD for Americans for Prosperity and but now good for his campaign organization assuming the exact same non-profit structure (it will allow him to hide the identity of HIS donors – malfeasance he accused AFP of during the campaign).

AFP certainly noticed the hypocrisy:

Today Americans for Prosperity, a nationwide organization of citizen leaders with over 2 million activists and 34 state chapters, released a new video poking fun at the president for his new non-profit, tax exempt group.

“Sadly most of us have gotten used to politicians saying one thing and doing the opposite – but sometimes even jaded cynics like myself encounter a level of hypocrisy so overt, it’s impossible to ignore. That moment happened this month when Team Obama reorganized as a 501-C4 called Organizing for Action.

“While I certainly don’t begrudge Obama for making use of such an organization and taking donations from whoever he wishes, the hypocrisy of doing so is jaw-dropping given the President practically made a part-time job out of bashing groups like Americans for Prosperity and others for… being organized as a 501-C4. The entire Left and many in the media got in on the action, even coining scary sounding monikers like ‘dark money’ to further the Obama rhetoric.

The cognitive dissonance required to now fully embrace this structure gives me a headache just thinking about it. But then again, I’m a conservative and I like things to make sense.”