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Annie McKluster Doesn’t Pay Her Taxes? [Updated & Bumped]

Ann Kuster doesn't pay her property taxes?
Ann Kuster: “Property taxes? What property taxes?”

The New Hampshire Young Republicans (NHYR) want to know why Congress-critter Ann McLane Kuster (I prefer McKluster) is worth an estimated $1.8 million dollars but can’t manage to pay her property taxes?

“While Annie Kuster pushes a message that we all need to chip in a little extra, she has failed to pay her fair share. Yesterday we realized that a tax-and-spend liberal member of Congress is delinquent on her own taxes. Time and again, Uncle Sam’s cup is passed around and we are told to dig a little deeper. When the cup was passed to Annie Kuster, she didn’t chip in.

I can understand if she was late on a payment or if there was just a simple oversight, but this is not a one-time mistake. Kuster has been delinquent 6 times for over $40,000 in property taxes owed to the towns of Hopkinton and Jackson. With a reported net worth of $1.8 Million (Center for Responsive Politics) how can she in good faith and with any level of moral authority ask any more of the American people than she does of herself.

This arrived in my in-box, and I don’t have a link or details, so I’m just reporting what I received… but we’ll follow up with more information as it becomes available.

Update: As it tuns out the original source of the story was James Pindell at WMUR.

When she was sworn in to Congress in early January, Kuster owed $14,089.32 in delinquent property taxes on her Hopkinton home. She has since made a tax payment and currently owes $6,998.22 in past-due property taxes on that property. This pattern of not paying her taxes dates back to 2010, according to the records. On the property in Jackson, she didn’t pay either of the semi-annual tax bills in 2012 and owes $3,851.65.

I guess James Pindell can add “tax collector” to his resume because the morning after his report about the Democrat Rep who “forgot” to pay her taxes Mr. McKluster hopped in the McKluster-mobile and paid some of them (according to the Union Leader…)

Kuster’s husband walked into Hopkinton tax collector’s office Tuesday morning and paid $7,055 in remaining overdue property taxes on their primary home following a report that they have been consistently late in making such payments over the past two years.

Charles Gangel, the Hopkinton town clerk and tax collector, said attorney Bradford Kuster on Tuesday morning personally paid the remaining bill, which consisted of $6,973 for an overdue payment from last year and $82 in interest. He said the Kuster account is now current.

Kuster issued a statement from her Washington office on Tuesday saying the Jackson payment was “en route” and the Hopkinton bill had been paid.
Jackson assistant tax collector Karen Burton said she had not yet received the payment as of Tuesday at 4:30 p.m.

Meanwhile, New Hampshire Democrat Party chair Ray Buckley was playing the Republican Hypocrisy card because incoming NHGOP chair Jennifer Horn has a tax lien on her own property.  But Horn seems to have handled that well enough. (Same link to the Union Leader as above)

“I have been honest about the struggles that my family faced after my husband lost his job, and we stepped up on our own to pay our obligations,” Horn said.

“Congresswoman Kuster is a millionaire lobbyist-turned-politician who had the means to pay her taxes, but chose not to do so until she was caught red-handed by the media. Her continued refusal to explain to her constituents why she deliberately chose not to pay her taxes raises very serious questions that must be answered,” said Horn.

I can explain it.  She’s obviously plowing the earth for a juicy cabinet position in the Obama Administration.  Maybe McKluster could be the czar of swearing at people and taking their stuff?

And while I know there are far too many Democrat tax cheats for even Obama to give them all jobs isn’t that where all the tax cheats seem to want to be? Like a moth to the flame.  And let’s not forget about this…

 Not very patriotic of them, now is it?

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