Spending as A Percetage of GDP 1950 - 2010 - Granite Grok

Spending as A Percetage of GDP 1950 – 2010

A new study from the St. Louis Fed has provided us with this nifty graph. The Graph below shows spending by major categories as a percentage of GDP.  Some may find this surprising.

There are more charts at the link, also here at Hot Air.  Take particular note of the graphs on revenue and spending relative to GDP and Government Spending by category.  (Follow the link for those.)

You will also find  that since the new progressive era began (Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, Obama) that mandatory government spending (as opposed to discretionary) appears to be our biggest driver of debt.  (Big Gubmint doin’ too much.)

spending as a percentage of gdp 1950-2010