Reason After Newtown

“Prejudice is what fools use for reason…” —Voltaire

Milwaukie County Sheriff David Clarke has made a “Public Service Announcement” that has drawn the ire of liberals everywhere. Sheriff Clarke, in the wake of Budget cuts and autere measures, isn’t whining about it. Instead, he states the sober and honest realities and asks citizens to be pro-active in helping address the crime issue. See the ad below:

Bloomberg View Columnist, and National Review Senior Editor Ramesh Ponnuru wrote in a UL editorial on January 23:

  “Haller is staying out of the fight over the assault-weapons ban, which he fears will achieve nothing because it polarizes Congress and excludes so many kinds of guns. He developed his ideas in consultation with school-security and law-enforcement professionals. He also drew on a federal report issued after the 1999 Columbine High School shootings, which found that targeted violence at schools rarely results from sudden impulses and that others usually have some idea of the attacker’s plans.”

Ponnuru writes of Alexis’ Haller who lost  6-year-old nephew, Noah Pozner in the Newtown Massacre. Haller took to writing a memorandum to the White House Task Force on Gun Violence.

Sandy Hook parent Mark Mattioli, who lost his young son James, had this to say.

In the wake of the Newtown Tragedy, we see emerging common sense in the face of Diane Fienstein’s quest to grab our guns. Two examples from parents and relatives of Sandy hook victims and one from a law enforcement officer who embraces the concept of citizens being proactive in protecting themselves.

Finally, with this s0-called “national conversation” about guns, Broad sweeping legislation has already taken hold in New York under Governor Andrew Cuomo. There is one constant in the national debate on so-called assault weapons: Those who have always wanted to ban them seized the opportunity to pursue legislation to that end.

Meanwhile, more rational minds are being heard from in the public arena about aspects of society that truly need our attention and acknowledgement that more gun laws do nothing to make people safer.