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Raymond Buckley on ‘Assault Weapons’

Making eye contact with adults while dressed as a clown is risky. —Doug Coupland 

N.H. State Democratic Party Chair Raymond “Buckles the Clown” Buckley

Awesome. You just cannot make this stuff up. A hat-tip goes to the Union Leader’s Tim Buckland for getting this quote from State Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley. When asked, “What is an assualt weapon, Ray said:

“It’s generally a gun that’s more for warfare than for hunting. It does multiple rounds per second. That’s generally what I would think would be an assault weapon. It’s not appropriate for hunting or defending one’s home, but is designed for warfare or mass killings.”

Late yesterday, the UL’s Tim Buckland featured this story entitled, “‘Assault weapon not easily defined,” as a follow-up to Friday’s Story about a poll released by New England College. (see my take on it HERE)

Ah yes! “Buckles the Clown…” God Bless him!  And, I am glad the experts are finally weighing in!