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Of Hand Wringing Hoplophobes, and Hollow Points

“Freedom isn’t for wimps.” —Neal Boortz

On Sunday, January 6, The Nashua Telegraph featured a, Letter to the Editor from Andrew Mazer of Hollis. Ordinarily, letters like Mazer’s are piss-poor subject matter for any edifying blog. But painfully, the nation is rife with Middle-aged sensitive new-aged progressive guys like Andy Mazer. We use to call them, “Whiners,” or, “Wimps.” Now they are called something else. Pick whatever “PC” label that doesn’t piss anyone off.  Just don’t call them wimps because you will have to go to PC rehab.

Mazer takes issues with a statistic David Hunt uses in his  December 20th LTE asserting “Gun Control Does not work.” Using Wikipedia as a source Mazer states,

“A more meaningful metric would be to compare homicide rates in the United States to that of the United Kingdom. According to Wikipedia, in 2009, the U.S. had a firearm-related death rate of 10.2 as compared to 0.25 in the U.K. – a rate more than 40 times greater.”

Oh No Guns....and magazines...and ammoFirst, Wikipedia is not a valid source, Andy. (But seeing the reference kind of made me laugh, so Okay!) Citing a Wiki source is akin to reading Dr. Seuss and deciding that Green Eggs and Ham are not good for you.

This is where the real UK homicide numbers live.  While the  UK has considerably less gun crime, ( and, I wrote about why that is in earlier articles) but three times the violent crime as the U.S! Three times, Andy! Mazer shares that he wrote a letter to Senator Kelly Ayotte asking her to support a ban on “assault weapons and high capacity magazines. Ergo, the liberal-guy, “Hand-wringing.”

  “Restricting the availability of assault guns, hollow-point bullets and high-capacity magazines is the least we can do to protect schoolchildren – and, for that matter, ordinary citizens – from these all-too-frequent murderous rampages.”

And there you have it: Hoplophobia. Guns and bullets and mags, Oh my! Ignorance is bliss. My guess is that Andy Mazer has had little or no experience with how guns, bullets or magazines operate. Andy Mazer is one in a sea of many, drinking the leftist Kool-Aid errantly thinking the guns are at the heart of the problem. Imagine their disappointment and dismay when they later find out that levels of violence does not change, even after they get their gun ban, if they get it.

Hollow-point Bullets? You want them banned? A hollow-point bullets are used to control penetration in an effort to keep over-penetration in check as not to inflict unintended damage to people nearby.

U.S. crime keeps going down unlike others places where Guns are banned and the crime rate is still at epic high levels. As American citizens buy more guns, society become a more tenuous place for n’er-do-wells and thugs.

Paul Ali Slater is a criminal who broke into a home where a mother and two children were doing nothing than what they usually do. Armed with a .38 caliber handgun she shot him in the face and neck five times. He now clings to life in a Hospital. The mother and children are okay.

It is fruitless telling these “vox hoplophobus” to dummy up on their facts. These martyrs of metrosexual, manicured “she-ish” men, have become comfortable in their skins drinking the Kool-aid Whine, and thinking big brother government will protect them from the bad elements life visits upon us.