Dear UK: Please Keep Your Wankers Over There

“We don’t devote enough scientific research to finding a cure for jerks.”  Bill Watterson 

“You know what you can do, Piers Morgan”

Piers Morgan does not like guns. That is okay with me. A great many people in this country do not like guns.  Some people from here are particularly noisy about not liking guns. I suppose that is okay as well.  What I take issue with are those instances where foreigners step upon our soil, and wag their finger at us, telling how we should not have guns. Piers Stefan O’Meara…Morgan is just one such scroat.

When a foreigner says, “you should not have guns,” it is entirely fair game for us to look at his or her world view. And Piers Morgan comes from a societal and cultural norm where guns are banned and that society has nothing comparable to the Second Amendment of the United States.

In Piers Morgan’s worldview guns do not belong in any society. Morgan uses his CNN bully pulpit to propagandize and to arrogantly lecture Americans on his Anglocentric gun paradigm… Well, I object. 

First, Piers has a very short memory in World History. Over 200 years ago our ancestors drove Piers Morgan’s ancestors off of this continent. Again in 1812, King George III and his British Empire decided to have another go at us…and failed. The Mighty Army of the British Empire…repelled by a band of ruffians (In today’s vernacular would be bitter clingers to guns and religion) with guns. Still for many years thereafter, America had no standing Military.

The British Empire on the other hand, touts over 600 year experience with trained, organized standing Army in service to it’s progressive imperial Kings and Queens. It was once said that the sun never sets on the British empire.

Alas, We can rightfully assume Piers Morgan is thoroughly familiar with the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. And why not? Although, “not from the states,” the anti-gun liberals that  Piers Morgan,” sips tea and nibbles crumpets with, have likely educated him on their convoluted and utterly twisted contorted confabulation of what, the second amendment means. Bottom line: He knows how it reads.

And again, History is an inconvenient interloper in strident anti-gun dialogue.  I say Again, The UK has nothing even remotely resembling the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.  In fact, The English history sets the standard for disarming it’s subjects. It is historical experiences that provides the cultural context for why America has a “Second Amendment.” Piers Morgan is devoid of that very experience.

The Catholic minority along with non-Protestants were prohibited from possessing arms in the ongoing campaign of general political oppression. The Act of Disenfranchisement was the standard of the day when the founding fathers were writing the U.S. Constitution. Certainly, that bore great consideration during the drafting by our founding fathers.

The Second Amendment embodies the very nature of the relationship between citizen and Government. Yet, many progressives turn their noses up and laugh at this as a relic of the 18th century.  Progressives are not honest. Debates about the very meaning of the second amendment are a mere foil to the larger scheme of an unarmed America where criminals rule the day.

I have met many people, living here now who are from the UK and Piers Morgan clearly is an aberration. The Brits I know have purchased many guns, enjoy the fellowship, friendship and camaraderie of membership American sporting clubs offer. They have a crystal clear understanding of our Second amendment, find it novel and fascinating and they embrace it. To them, America is the standard-bearer for liberty.

Finally, Piers Morgan comes from across the pond with a questionable journalistic ethic. Where Lord Leveson chastised him for his clear knowledge of criminal behavior and was unembarrassed sufficiently to make jokes about it.

Like a churlish powdered up “rent boy” ponce parading before the CNN cameras, Piers Morgan is an arrogant toerag who comes to America to impose his worldview on the viewing public with his finger-wagging and name-calling of our citizens. Not that its a huge deal, his ratings are abysmal.

A petition was brought forth and garnered in excess of 100,000 signatures calling for his deportation. All is fair play: The UK won’t allow some noted American Journalists there.  Besides, In our history, we “yanks” kicked the British Army to the curb twice, whats one more Nancy-boy like Piers Morgan?