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A Kool Aid Drinker By Any Other Name…(Or Should I say Another Name?)

For a very long time now anyone who was all in for some idea, particularly the more wacky–OK, insane– ideas, was said to have drank the Kool Aid®.   This phrase derives from Jim Jones and his People’s Temple, who were denied exile in Russia from their paranoid-delusional self-imposed exile on an “agricultural mission” in the socialist armpit of Guyana.

Everyone in the U.S was, after all, out to spin their little cult as a bunch of crazed-whacko’s.

So to prove them wrong, and rather than risk being captured or subjected to fascism–(no proper far left-communist would ever allow themselves to be subjected to  the not-quite-so-far-left-left-as fascism)–they proved the “they are a bunch of wackos crowd” wrong by committing mass suicide with a mixture of cyanide and Kool-Aid.  Some say it was grape Flavor-aid.  The 900 plus formerly-living residents of Jonestown who drank the ‘Kool-Aid” were too dead to debate the point, but ‘Drinking the Kool-Aid‘ quickly became a part of the collective consciousness and a sign that you were all-in on whatever it was, (to quote the Orbit Girl) “no matter what.” (Fabulous!)

Which brings me to my point.

The left is so obsessed with using government power to engineer their own superiority–stacking the Social Darwinism playing cards if you prefer–that they are forever casting words and phrases (and clauses) into the primordial ichor of what passes for the semi-subconscious of the common man.  With the help of a complicit media-entertainment-industrial-complex they bombard our senses with their “socio-political advertising.”  Let’s call it that Orwellian certain-something, (cue Wagner-like orchestral crescendo).  And like any good social-Darwinist, adaptation is the ‘New World Order” of the day.  That would be the day after whatever day it was they discovered that people were no longer buying into tho bulls**t.  Like how they switched to Climate Change when Global Warming seemed a somewhat stupid description with the globe not actually warming, or how Planned Parenthood is looking for a nice replacement for Pro-Choice because too many people who claim to be pro-choice are actually against choice unless it is their choice.

Well I think turnabout is fair play.  Part of the theory of Darwin was specialization so why not apply specialization to the social Darwinists who have been drinking the Flavor-Aid and trying to pass it off on the rest of us as if it were Kool-Aid.

Have you eaten too many Goreos?
Have you eaten too many Goreos?

No, I’m not thinking we should switch to ‘Flavor-Aid.’  I was thinking of compartmentalizing some of the environmentalist Flavor-Aid Drinkers Kool-Aid drinkers with a more obsession-specific reference.  Something that ties them to their own tin-foil-hat, crack-pot, jet-setting, carbon spewing, selling his pro-environmental tv network to a fossil-fuel mining billionaire emirate anti-American cable network, that fat, rich, hypocrite-extraordinaire, Al Gore.


From now on those who promote the Global Warming Climate change Green Agenda and repeat the garbage that spews from the mouth of Al-Gwhore (sometimes spelled ‘G-O-R-E’, the Goracle, al Gore, ALGORE, and so on)  should no longer be reffered to as having drank the Kool Aid.  We should instead say something like…”look who ate all the Goreos.”

Yeah, it was a lot of work for a six word punch-line but I think it was worth it.

(And yes,of course  they’d have green filling.)


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