Liberal Policies and Culture Increased Newtown Death Toll - Granite Grok

Liberal Policies and Culture Increased Newtown Death Toll

What horrible events occurred today! The parents and Newtown Connecticut community must be wondering if they can endure the pain. Obviously our hearts go out to the families and community.

Already leftists are crying for more gun control. A rational person would look at the number of murders in Washington, DC or New York City or Chicago with their strict anti-gun laws and wonder why anyone thinks more gun control would have helped. It is amazing that almost all mass murders happen in “gun free zones”. Apparently murders don’t care about breaking into the gun free zones, who could have imagined that?

There are two nearly universal laws regarding guns. First, when danger strikes and seconds count, the police are minutes away. Second, criminals will always be able to get guns. The only real question is whether innocent people might be armed and able to defend themselves? Studies show that when the answer is no, there will be more crime and more deaths, and when the answer is yes, there is less crime and fewer deaths.

What would have helped in Newtown today would be if each administrator and teacher was trained, packing a gun and prepared to blast this killer as soon as he began to attack people. (I wonder how many parents of that school are comforted that the school is a gun free zone. I wonder if anyone is questioning the usefulness of that policy.)

People are sure to say that most killers are “unbalanced” (so they can blame the gun rather than the killer himself or someone else for the killer’s actions), but not everyone who is “unbalanced” becomes a killer or even a criminal. Despite any claims to the contrary, today’s culture influences people to be less, rather than more, respectful of life and of other individuals. Our culture helps push “unbalanced” people over the edge to do terrible things. And our leaders make achieving the murder’s goals easier by creating “gun free” zones like schools and by flooding the airways with information about killers and making them famous.

Today we live in a culture created by liberals. Every child has liberal ideas drilled into him or her from birth via the media and for more than a decade in school. It is a culture in which there is no personal responsibility, where you are not allowed to judge the actions of others, where achievement is not rewarded because everyone gets a trophy anyway, where misbehavior is often applauded (think of the media’s handling of the “Occupy Movement”), and good behavior condemned (think of media treatment of the TEA Party), where every bad action or result is always someone else’s fault, where illegal behavior is often excused (drugs, illegal aliens, juvenile crime, short jail terms, etc.), where our media and leaders often condemn the authorities who act in difficult situations not the people who initiated the situations, where our movies are full of killing, irresponsible and disrespectful behavior, where some of our most famous people stand up for murders and try to get them released, where religions (except Islam which actually promotes killing!) are ridiculed and condemned, where religious principles such as the Ten Commandments are banned, where the people who say it it wrong to kill 1.5 million babies every year are called judgmental, intolerant, hostile, biased, and anti-woman, and where we have a President who thinks it is OK to deny care to an unwanted baby that survives an abortion attempt and let it struggle until it dies.

Today’s unimaginably horrible actions are the result of today’s corrupt liberal culture. If we want to avoid the repeat of mass killings and to eliminate much of the crime that our culture also encourages, we must change the culture to one which glorifies a different set of values.

Except for segregation and its related injustices, our country needs to return to the values of the 1950s where people are personally responsible for their own success or failure, where people did right because it is right, where life is cherished, where authorities are (and deserve to be) respected, where bad behavior is condemned, and where criminals are punished and considered pariahs. Where the family is the key building block in society and where parents are expected to bring, and responsible for bringing, their children up to be law abiding, hard-working, patriotic, and respectful of others. Where politicians tell the truth, follow and enforce the laws, and fulfill their oath of office. Where we all agree that the Ten Commandments are good things to be honored and obeyed, not hidden.

There will always be evil people, tempt-able people, and basically good people caught in difficult circumstances. How these people act will be influenced by our culture, what it expects of people, what behavior it promotes and tolerates, and how its role models act. Today’s culture which is promoted in our schools and our media and which is exemplified by so many role models not only often excuses, but often glorifies, bad behavior, and promotes disrespect for others including for other life. Unless we change our culture to respect others and to cherish life, there will be more crime, more loss of life in more ways, and more sad days like today.