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Maggie “Louisville Slugger” Hassan Takes a Swing at The NH Democrats ‘Civility’ Narrative

Maggie  the Red Hassan shows us the new civilityAnyone who bought or sold the New Hampshire Democrats bringing ‘Civility’ to Concord narrative has a very short memory, is a complete fool, (an out of state voter domiciled here on November 6th for voting purposes), or just another New Hampshire Democrat–and we’ve said as much time and time again.  They are incapable of civility.

To help us prove our point, before the ink was even dry on the ballots, Governor Elect Maggie “Beat Republicans With a Bat” Hassan was already cackling like the left wing, partisan harpy, she tried to hide during her race for Concord’s highest perch.

NH Journal reports that the States new Chief Executive took her Louisville Slugger to the pages of (that’s the taxpayer funded to swing away at outgoing speaker Bill O’Brien and the ‘Tea party legislature.’

Don’t forget.  The NH left ran on Democrat values, not TEA Party values.

After it was reported the page magically disappeared to the land of 404.    Get used to that it’s one of those Democrat Values we heard so much about.   So is this; the first thing the NH Democrats are going to do is to try and raise a tax or two (or a hundred).  So your search for prosperity will bring the same kind of results as that web page- Not Found.

As for the civility narrative, that’s all it ever was.  No civility, no moderation, just an uncivil, full-steam to the left, tax and spend agenda with Hassan at the helm.

You were warned.