Jan Schmidt - Democrat candidate for NH State House from Nashua, hates religion. That includes Muslims, so it seems. - Granite Grok

Jan Schmidt – Democrat candidate for NH State House from Nashua, hates religion. That includes Muslims, so it seems.

That’s us on the right. – Tesha

Tesha has a habit of saying things in such a way that I’d be censoring her a lot (here’s a screen cap):

“The Catholic Church in a powerful force in Maine so when the men in dresses who f*** little altar boys told their parishoners[sic] that gay marriage was wrong and a sin, the rubes in the pews believed it and voted as they had been told”

Nice sentiment there, Jan.  It doesn’t stop there, either – keep going downward and she has a hit against Islam / Muslims too!

Seems like Jan Schmidt (aka “Tesha“) is a rather opinionated person – and not always all that civil about it.  No, I’m not talking meeting the normal “Blogosphere is still the Wild Wild West” variety – it seems that in many cases, that would actually be taking the High Road.

And she is running to be a NH House Rep from Nashua.  I wonder if voters in Nashua understand this?  If not, I’m willing to oblige.  She has a “handle” by the name of Tesha at the Democratic Underground site.  On the Right side of the Blogosphere, we just refer to them as the DUmmies.  Trite, but we do manage to stay out of the gutter – the DUmmies? It is not known as a circle of highbrow discourse, to put it bluntly.  Oft times, I’m not sure who gets dirtier – the participants there or the swine in a stockyard.

That’s a picture of her and Mr. Tesha on the right side of the pic (from DU, where she posts A LOT!).  It seems she’s a software code pounder; he is the same.

Now, some might say that this Jan is not the one running; well, Mr. Tesha is pictured here at A Perfect Loaf and the pic matches that in his LinkedIn profile.  Which also mentions that he is a part owner in Web Fixers.  Which is registered at GoDaddy to Jan (or JanJan) Schmidt.  And yes, it is her blog:

So I started a food blog … I know there are a gazillion out there but this isn’t for fame or fortune, it’s for my daughters. They’re in their mid 30’s and I still get the desperate call just around dinner time… “Mom, how do you…?” or “Do you remember that thing you used to make…?”

And this establishes Tesha to be in Nashua.  These help too!

  • Jan Schmidt “Seamus, I used to post as Tesha until I realized that pseudonyms were childish”
  • Jan Schmidt “Funny, the nickname I carry from childhood is Tesha. It’s pronounced tee-sha.”

So, what else does she have to say about Catholics and those of faith in general?

Catholics are imposing their will on an entire state’s population.

“Catholics are imposing their will on an entire state’s populations Sometimes it’s the Mormons, sometimes it’s the Catholics, frequently it’s the fundamentalist Christians. Religion is a cancer in the body human.”

Ah yes, those of us of faith are evil – and should not be allowed to publicly avow what we believe.  I’m taking it that she’s no fan of Mitt Romney with the Mormon crack.  Such an upstanding example of toleration and diversity (funny how that always seems to work – they are tolerant only when you believe, in this case, their secular humanism and diversity has nothing to do with beliefs).    She also seems to be stuck in the Medieval time period -with the title of that above post.

Remember, Laws are simply the expression of the electorate’s morality.  While the Catholic Church has had a really bad time with priests doing what they did, that still is only a small, small percentage of Catholics overall.  And I see nothing that tells me that Mormons, Catholics, or Mainline or Evangelical Christians wish to impose a theocracy of any type.  To continue to do so shows the rusty mechanism of an even smaller mind.  And then she moves onward to smacking  the priests again (and not in a kindly fashion):

 “Men in dresses who bugger altar boys have given up their rights to tell us… …exactly what forms of marriage are “madness”

And then transitions back to smacking all faiths.

“The simple truth is that all religions* are bad Some are worse than others, but all are bad as they all try to teach people to believe things that are simple not true.”

But I have a feeling that the Religious Political Correctness crew (not only to mention Muslims themselves) are gonna have a hard time with this – will a fatwa be issued against her?

“The three desert religions are all strongly misogynist and all three need to go if we want a truly-civilized world.  This (burqas, etc.) is just another way of keeping women under men’s thumbs (and using god as a handy excuse).

There’s a smear against Christian Fundamentalists in there too (“Fundies”) – how inclusive to want to get rid of us all!  Here’s a few more:

  • No one likes to have their fantasies exposed as fantasies.  Why are religionists so threatened by atheists ? No one likes to have their fantasies exposed as fantasies. (Look up-thread for an example of what I’m talking about.) All religions are fantasies, made up by humans to: a) Explain stuff they couldn’t yet explain and/or b) Control those they couldn’t otherwise control. People hate to find out they’ve been gulled, and that’s why the religionists cling so hard to their particular religious fantasies (no matter which of the many “only true” religions they believe in. It’s just human nature (to not want to be proven wrong) and it’s the same motivation behind the ~30% who still say they back Bush. Tesha”
  • “What threat? That the Islamic fantasy will displace the Christian fantasy? Personally, as long as any death-cult fantasy is dominant, I don’t see that it much matters which one dominates so it’s pretty hard for me to get excited about the new “Islamic threat“.”
  • But there isn’t any *NEW* Islamic threat. It’s the same old Islamic threat that the Christian Church has been contending with ever since Islam began; the Christians are concerned about losing market share with people switching to buying the other guy’s flavor of fantasy drink. Opus Dei is just the latest ad agency. But the Kool-Aid drinkers are still nuts and a threat to civilized society no matter which flavor of Kool-Aid they buy, and it has always been so. Tesha”

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It really seems that she’s put herself into a pickle – how can she explain this to her constituents (remember, the vast majority of Americans do believe in God in either a formal or informal manner)?  Militant Atheism seems to be just so angry and willing to lash out at anyone that doesn’t believe as they do (and make no mistake, atheism has its own theology even as they say they don’t – their non-belief does require adherence to certain tenets).
I have no problem with most of the atheists that I know – but I do have this concern in that it seems that many, in denying the existence of a Deity, also throws a shadow over a Creating having endowed us with inalienable rights.  Being what seems to be a moonbat Leftist, she makes it clear that her belief is that Government isn’t responsible for protecting those Rights but is in charge of doling them out to “its wards”.