What Ohio Coal Miners Tell Us About Demorats

Ohio Loves Mitt - Obama War on coalThe Obama campaign doesn’t take credit for much but putting the coal industry out of business was never something they were shy about…until it became apparent that this might cost them Pennsylvania, Ohio, the Virgina’s and so on.  Despite this confluence of realities, the Obama Administration has also decided that despite their self-admitted war on coal, that there is no way that coal miners would ever back Mitt Romney who actually supports the coal industry. The Obama Campaign is accusing the Romney campaign of forcing miners to attend Romney/Ryan Rallies.

Perhaps the greatness of Obama lends itself to an appreciation of his awesomeness even if it means destroying the industry that feeds your family?

Not so much.  Five-hundred Ohio (OIHO?) Coal miners have signed a letter to Mr. Obama’s campaign telling them to knock it off.  The miners are calling the Obama campaign distortions “absolute Lies.”

Hot Air

There are numerous false statements and absolute lies concerning our participation in this event, mostly started by a local shock jock radio host, the miners letter to Obama states. Why would you (Obama) lie about the 500 working miners who have signed this letter? We, the employees of the Century Mine would request you immediately stop these false ads.

So what does this tell us about Democrats (no, not that they lie–we already knew that)?

It tells us that they make people attend Obama/Biden rallies.

We’ve always know that to be true, but now we’ve got classic left wing projection as proof.  The moment a Democrat accuses a Republican of anything, its because that’s what they would have done, have done, are doing, or are planning to do.  They assume everyone else is just like them (maybe a shade or two dumber) so coal miners can’t possibly be supporting Romney; someone made them do it. Democrats like to make people do things so that is not much of a stretch.

Post Obama Traumatic Stress Disorder Of course most people are not actually like modern progressive Democrats at all.  And if 2010 was not enough of a lesson on that point, 2012 my prove to be very disappointing for them.

I hope Obama has set aside plenty of campaign money for grief counselors, victims of messiah withdrawal symptoms, and Treatment for Post Obama Really Was Completely Full Of Sh*t Traumatic Stress Disorder (PORWCFOSTD).  Michelle could open a clinic.  They’d make millions off Hollywood and the Media alone.  I’m sure Obama-Care covers that, right, because we also know that Obama doesn’t share his campaign money with anyone.  Not even Democrats.