GrokWatch: So, has AutoServ of Tilton added a new line of cars: "Politicized"??? And what else are those cars being used for? - Granite Grok

GrokWatch: So, has AutoServ of Tilton added a new line of cars: “Politicized”??? And what else are those cars being used for?

AutoServ of Tilton - Phone NumberThere are two folks running in NH State Senate District 7 in which I reside: Republican Josh Youssef  and Democrat Andrew Hosmer.  We did endorse Josh in the Primary and believe him to be a better candidate still than Hosmer – a Progressive big-taxer centralizing-power Democrat.

While Josh is an entrepreneur, Hosmer married into the family that owns AutoServ – and is the General Manager there.  Well, I got a call last night.  Actually and to be truthful, TMEW got the call – she beat me to the phone so she had the opportunity to be the confused one – her brow furrowed.

“Who?”, she said.  “Brittney Murphy?  Are you sure….no, there is no Brittney that live here…..yes, I will be voting in the upcoming election.  Um, no, I will not be voting for Andrew Hosmer…g’nite.”

“Skip, would you look at this number, please?”

Now, TMEW puts up with the blogging and the political events – otherwise she tends (not always, but tends) to be apolitical.  She knows more than most of the “regular” public, but is not an “all-in” junkie like I am.  For instance, after the last Prez debate, I wanted to surf the the cable news sites to see what the reactions would be.  I got the “look” AND the words (“I’ve had enough!” – slow, low, and enunciated in that way that screams “and you had better listen!“) that said in no uncertain terms: “I AM going to watch XXXXXX”.  So, watch XXXXXX we did – well, she did and I went to all my usual haunts to see the reactions.

So when she asked “Look?”, I did. And this came up:

AutoServ of Tilton - CallerIDSo, are the facilities of AutoServ being co-opted by Hosmer’s campaign?  Will they file an “in-kind” contribution for the cost of the equipment? And even more important, is the young man (TMEW missed his name) that called – is he on the staff of AutoServ?  Is AutoServ paying for him to campaign for Hosmer?

Questions abound.

And then this came in over the transom – and given the suspicions raised with the above call, I’m wondering if there is anything substantial behind it (I have not done any investigation, so I consider it rumor until then):

It seems that Andrew hires foreign nationals (what, aNOTHER Democrat not helping out the in-state economy??  Do Hosmer and Kate Miller know each other and pass notes on this kind of stuff?) for his au pairs (think: Nannies):

It is my understanding that the green card was obtained for them, they work for a year, paid under the table, expenses are paid, and get a ‘free’ car that had AutoServ dealer plates on it.  Given that last fact (car is “advertising” for the dealership) I’m imagining that the cars had to be “decent” – if the au pair said she worked for the AutoServ General Manager, I doubt he’d be having her driving a “beater” car around.

So, what are the campaign and tax implications for all this for the campaign, AutoServ, and Andrew Hosmer?

And he’s been making sport of Josh of not being above board?

And yes, I have this info from a person that dated one of the au pairs while she was here in the States.  She told him all this.

The au pairs / nannies:

  • Empo Moless
  • Corina Straka
  • Susanne Weigold
  • Sindi Stolfer
  • Marija Krsmanovic

Consider this as a first cut.  Or, as Drudge says: “developing”….