Can't put your $$ where yer mouth is, eh Kate Miller (DEMOCRAT candidate for NH House, Belknap 2)?? - Granite Grok

Can’t put your $$ where yer mouth is, eh Kate Miller (DEMOCRAT candidate for NH House, Belknap 2)??

Kate Miller 2012 campaign signEver since this uber-Progressive from Meredith, NH got the boot from the NH House two years ago, I have had to put up with her screeds in the local papers about how NH Republicans have abandoned NH Values, how everything that has been done the last two years, how they hate the poor, hate seniors, hate the disadvantaged, have cut the budget to where it hurts the disadvantaged, they hate education, and….well, you get the idea.  TEA Party, Free Staters….extremists all and none of them care about anyone else but themselves (those selfish bastards!).  Words that have warmed the cockles of NHDP Chair Buckles, I would presume.

Frankly, she’s come across as an angry, sore loser that hates the limitations of the NH Constitution as well as the US Constitution.  Your money is her money, and her interests in redistributing your formerly private property (the result of your labor) trumps your needs to provide for your family.  She’s all about pushing that 47% to nose bleed levels.   It has been a constant litany from this Progressive harpie on jobs – you know, the kind that the Dems weren’t interested: YOU Republicans promised us jobs!  What are you doing that social stuff – that’s not JOB related!!  Why are you cutting that tax – that’s not JOB related!!  Where’s the jobs, jobs, jobs!

Never mind that the Dems didn’t campaign on social issues, but they sure legislated on ’em.  Jobs became an afterthought.  But one would think that with so much emphasis on her delusional daydream that Dems would do FAR better on creating jobs, she’d, you know, actually put her words to effect and helping a NH company with a NH job?

Oh Wait – what’s in that lower right hand corner of her sign?

Kate Miller 2012 campaign sign - Made in Massachusetts

Yeah, money where her mouth is.  Like with most loud mouth hypocrites – say one thing, demand one thing, force it all on everyone else; but not for me!

Yo, Kate!  You really couldn’t find a vendor in all of NH and keep that money at least in state?  Hey – got news fer ya -there’s a WHOLE BUNCH of vendors RIGHT HERE IN YOUR DISTRICT that would have loved to have had the money!

Oh, did you found it cheaper in MA?  Oh, so you “voted with your $$” your OWN SELF-INTEREST?  Being frugal with your own money?

Gee, isn’t that another thing that you call Republicans out on – only concerned with themselves?

Kinda looks like you’re just the same way.  “Fine for me but not for thee!”  Hypocrite!

(H/T: A loyal reader who adds – “typical, her values really are Masshole values.  She should move to the Socialist Republic of Mass with the other distributionists”.

Oh yeah – she WILL make you an unarmed citizen (doesn’t like Sarah Palin all too much either).  Free?  Not if she gets her way.

Few other things – some ratings when she was a menace to Liberty:

Business and Consumers

2010 New Hampshire Business and Industry Association – Positions 18%
2009-2010 New Hampshire Lodging & Restaurant Association – Positions 20%
2009-2010 New Hampshire National Federation of Independent Business – Positions 10%
2009 New Hampshire Business and Industry Association – Positions 0%

Gun Issues

2010 National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund – Positions on Gun Rights C-