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Global Warming Still a Hoax

Missed global warming targets - its not getting warmer
Missed global warming target - "it's not actually getting warmer"

How much warmer has the world become since a) 1880 and  b) the beginning of 1997?

The answer to a) 0.75C
The answer to b) zero.

How much has wacky left wing energy policy based on this ridiculous idea cost us?  Enough to buy the world a coke and keep it company several hundred times over.  Include the global costs of compliance, regulation, loss of productivity and global GDP, dollars diverted to bankrupt green-energy projects, and energy inflation, and the whole-scale abandonment of cheap reliable energy has probably cost the world trillions.

But hey, we wasted that money and accumulated all the debt to help developing nations and our children…to..uh…remain developing nations and to inherit Anthropogenic  Massive Debt.   Which is why recent temperature data was released quietly with little to no media fanfare–they needed a few extra days to work on their narrative.

This graph, printed with the only major press piece on the release ,tells the story.  Temperatures go up for a number of years, temperatures go down, and it is not carbon-dioxide, the bloviations of Al Gwhore, nor do we need to stuff food in our gas tanks when the world desperately needs affordable food.  Yes, you are reading that correctly.  Since 1997 the amount of average global warming is exactly zero.

Since 1997 the average global temperature has gone up zero degrees
Since 1997 the average global temperature has gone up zero degrees

I suspect history will not be kind to the Al Gwhore’s and Phil Jonse’s of our day; people and policies that misinterpreted data to (conveniently) advance an ideological energy policy that made food less available and more expensive, while many parts of the world continued to suffer from poverty and starvation.

The term ‘Green Movement’ continues to evolve into it’s proper fecal form.

Side note to the RGGI fools in New Hampshire. You are still fools, and New Hampshire history will paint you in the same light.