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S.3307 The Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act…Guess Who Voted for It?

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S.3307 (2010) is the legislation that empowered the Feds to regulate local school lunches. It is the regulation that is driving up the cost of school lunches by law because the law demands parity of price regardless of cost. It is the law that limits the number of calories and other nutritional elements to a national standard, regardless of a student’s size or activity level. It is the law that limits menu choices to those defined by the central government, choices kids are rejecting in large numbers, resulting in food being wasted. (Food that costs more because of the law.)

Kids are hungry. High School Athletes are under-nourished. They don’t like or want the food being forced on them. Black markets are forming to fill the need. And food is being wasted.

Let’s face it, Hungry kids do not make good students. This law is a turd sandwich.

So who among the New Hampshire Delegation voted for this crappy central planning nightmare? How about all of them.

Paul Hodes and Carol Shea-Porter voted for it. (Nancy Pelosi voted for it so of course, they did.)

Judd Gregg, in his final year as a US Senator from New Hampshire, voted for it. Judd did receive $8,500 dollars in campaign donations from special interests that (coincidentally?) supported the legislation.

Note: These special interests, by the way, are either those who would benefit by central planners forcing their products into school menus making them millions, or arbitrary feel-good interests like Dentists or Doctors, who climb on board because hey–nutrition mandates, can’t be against that. I’m not intimating a specific relationship to any timeline for passage but feel free to be as suspicious as you like.

And then there is Senator Jeanne Shaheen. She supported it as well.  She just happened to have received around $150,000.00 in total donations from interest groups both for and against. I wonder if she was playing both sides for the money? You know she was a yea vote on this from the moment someone even thought of it.

So in December 2010, when the Democrats were ramming legislation through after their severe beating in November 2010, we got the Healthy Hunger-Free kids act which like all Democrat legislation is not just badly named, it doesn’t work.

Even the kids who eat the centrally planned menu are still hungry, and that’s not healthy. And as with all pronouncements from on high, there’s nothing Free about it.


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