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New Hampshire Republicans for Freedom & Equality – without outside gay money, you’d have nothing!

Grokster Steve has the deserved outrage from Cornerstone here – they are claiming that $100K contribution to New Hampshire Republicans for Freedom & Equality from Peter Singer is an illegal contribution to this PAC.  My take is:  So, taking Big Bucks from the Big Time moderate is YOUR end to his means?  Or is this merely gay politics per usual under the guise of “a Republican flag”?

After all, way back in 2009, I pointed out that it was outside gay money that got civil unions and then gay marriage into NH. It was NEVER an ground swell for this generated organically in the State – it was planned years in advance with gay millionaire and billionaire shoveling cash to fundamentally transform (er, where have we heard THAT before??) NH.  Steve has also been all over this topic as well – the end justifies the means as long as the outside money cash was inbound  (as shown by prior posts here, here, here, here, HERE, here, here, here, and here).  Without that, gay marriage in NH was NOTHING but a fraud.  No outside money = never would have had a vote.

Still is.  From their website:

I’m proud our PAC is supporting forty-one pro-freedom Republicans in primary elections next Tuesday.

No, you are not supporting folks that are “pro-freedom” – you are targeting traditional values Republicans that believe that established marriage is STILL between one man and one woman.  And your mailings can’t even be honest about your actual goal.  Just like Liberals and Progressives, if you REALLY said what you held dear, you’d lose.  So you paper it over and use other cover. There’s a word for that: COWARDS – who can’t bring themselves to be honest with the voters they are targeting with mailings.

You are buying votes to throw out those voted to re-establish the traditional definition of marriage – who also supported the Republican platform and the traditional values it represents.  By working to continue to fundamentally transform society here in NH with outside money, you are complicit with that other nitwit who famously declared “We are five days from fundamentally transforming the United States” – congratulations in helping that effort, contrary to solid Republican values.  You may get what you want – those that will not vote to retract gay marriage.  But what ELSE will they vote for that most of us consider to be Liberal or Progressive values?  Gonna stand up and take a bow for that when it happens? 

Now, to your meme of “wide and deep support” – from a financial standpoint, this is REALLY THIN gruel.  From your latest filings with the NH Sec. of State:

One person.  “Wide and Deep” is now being redefined as just a sliver – one person.  One person’s money means that they get to determine the marriage social climate here in NH – that’s the NH way?  For MONTHS, the trio of Sean Owen,Tyler Deaton, and Christina Baratta from New Hampshire Republicans for Freedom & Equalityhave been sending out missives claiming “Oh, EVERYONE in NH is just happy with gay marriage (so get with the program, you Neanderthalic social cons)!”.  They have one person.

Really?  Really? (got to stop that – I’ll start sounding like Nancy Pelosi).  You have ONE donor that has effectively paid for your campaign.  From NEW YORK (with which we share pretty much only one thing in common – the word NEW in the name of the state?  I don’t want to hear about “deep and wide” support – measured financially, you got BUPKIS for NH based support.

If you got to buy your friends, do you really have any at all?  Full filing here.