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Gay marriage advocates breaking the rules

Hot off the presses, Cornerstone Action is calling out New Hampshire Republicans for Freedom & Equality for a gross violation of NH campaign finance law. Seems they accepted $100k from a single donor in New York City…

“Cornerstone Action filed a complaint this afternoon with the Attorney General’s Office because a group supporting candidates who voted against the repeal of gay “marriage” is illegally using money it received in a $100,000 lump sum from a donor from New York.

The donor, Paul Singer of Elliot Management Corp., 40 West 57th St., 30th Floor, New York, N.Y. 10019, gave an illegal $100,000 donation to New Hampshire Republicans for Freedom and Equality during the campaign finance reporting period ending Sept. 5, 2012. Any donation above $5,000 is illegal in New Hampshire under RSA 664:4.

“Cornerstone works very hard to follow the law to the letter to support the traditional, natural family in New Hampshire and our PAC is quite limited by the law in what it can do to support candidates who will defend traditional marriage,” said Shannon McGinley, Cornerstone’s acting executive director. “It’s astounding to me how brazenly our political opponents have violated the law, and I trust that the Attorney General will take immediate action to make sure the New Hampshire Republicans for Freedom and Equality return the money to Mr. Singer and stop violating New Hampshire law. This violation cannot be allowed to stand, as it puts candidates who our PAC supports at a distinct, and unfair disadvantage.”

Read the rest on Cornerstone’s website.