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Dems – bought and paid for by out-of-state Gay Rights Group


 HRC Rep, Lynch, and Buckley

Pleased as punch – quite the happy trio as they helped Lynch break his word!

So, you think New Hampshire gets to determine its own future?  Not a freakin’ chance anymore.  In this case, the Human Rights Campaigns (which is really a gay rights special interest group) spent, spent again, and then spent more…much more.

Mo Baxley of the NH Freedom to Marry Coalition, admitted that if it were not for this group and its money / resources, this effort would have failed.  Look at some of their activities – then think of how much money it cost to do all that!

  • Creating, organizing and implementing an extensive statewide grassroots field plan in conjunction with NHFTM;
  • Deploying 10 field staff to New Hampshire, including four staff members who were on the ground for two full weeks in early May;
  • Hiring three New Hampshire-based field consultants to assist with field organizing efforts;
  • Gathering more than 11,000 petition signatures from residents across the state to deliver to the governor’s office;
  • Generating more than 1,000 phone calls from New Hampshire residents to the governor’s office;
  • Canvassing high-traffic downtown areas, college campuses and key residential areas to engage in personal conversations about marriage equality with New Hampshire residents;
  • Organizing well-attended public visibility events in Concord, Portsmouth and Hanover;
  • Recruiting and/or supervising more than 100 local volunteers for canvassing and phone banking activities;
  • Coordinating traditional and new media efforts on behalf of NHFTM, including a Facebook page (5,000+ fans) and a Twitter feed;
    Mobilizing HRC members and supporters via online Action Alerts and telephone calls.

Grass roots? This was well planned, coordinated and maintained over several years Hardly…Lynch and the Dems – seemingly well and done – bought and paid for, that is.  Kudos to them – they wanted to force acceptance on us more and spent more to get it done. They say that money is the mother’s milk of politics – looks like in this branch, they brought in the dairy.  Moo.

Yes, NH now has Gay Marriage.  However, we now have Lynch on record for both sides of the issue – and lying about what he would do.  Did.  Done. 

Voters will now have the final say if he even thinks about running again.  I make the prediction that with Gay Marriage codified into law, the recent "drivers, movers and shakers" in the Democrat Party may well disappear….

The Dems will also have to face the fact that they got bought….and have to run on that as well.