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Democrat Values Vs. TEA Party Values

The Entire New Hampshire Democrat party is running against the TEA Party.  They claim that they stand for New Hampshire values, not TEA Party values.  Well I can see why Democrats would object to TEA Party values but are they sure they can lay claim to New Hampshire Values?

Tea party originalFor the novices in the audience the TEA Party stood up to object to excessive spending and the taxes that spending would inevitably require.  (If your president spends 5 trillion dollars in just three years and you don’t make a peep in objection, that is a Democrat party value–someone has to pay for that, and it is the middle class and everyone else and suggesting otherwise it a bald-faced lie; another Democrat party value?)  Americans saw that for what it was when it started in 2009 and rose up in opposition.  T.E.A = Taxed Enough Already.

Knowing what we know about New Hampshire Democrats do you really want them speaking for your values?  I don’t think you do.  But here are a few examples of New Hampshire Democrat Values to help you decide.

New Hampshire House Democrats actually passed a law that could have allowed people to use any public facility they wanted, based on the gender they felt like.   Do your values allow strange men to share public restrooms, locker or shower facilities with your daughters?

New Hampshire Democrats promised a budget to address New Hampshire’s priorities without raising taxes.  They then proceeded to add billions in new spending and about 100 new taxes and fees, leaving behind an 800 million dollar deficit when they were done.  Do you run your household like that?  Are these the kinds of money management habits you teach to your children?

New Hampshire Democrats added those taxes and fees to your wallet, during what they themselves first called “The Worst Recession In History.”  So when you needed the money the most, they spent more of it than any legislature in New Hampshire history.

New Hampshire Democrats outsourced the taxing power to an unelected, unaccountable board (RGGI), with the authority to add, oversee, and manage fees with the equvelnt force of law (taxes) that would increases the cost of your energy bill, without any elected Democrat ever having to cast a vote or be held accountable for the money that RGGI laundered into state coffers. (Isn’t that taxation without representation?)

State law require public hearings before any new tax can be voted on and enacted.  But New Hampshire Democrats repeatedly ‘skipped’ this requirement, to enact last minute crisis budgeting taxes on campgrounds, and small business owners (to name but two) in the middle of the night, when no one was supposed to be watching. Taxes that would make the cost of goods and services rise at your expense.

Democrat John Lynch, the highest elected official in the state, said parents needed to play a part in any discussion where their underage daughters were seeking an abortion, and then signed  a law that cut parents out of that loop completely. (In the TEA Party we call  this lying, and Lynch did this on several other issues as well.)

New Hampshire Democrats repeatedly looked the other way when their own House reps were accused of legislating for their own benefit, manipulate department heads and inside influence, and even underage drinking.

Then Chairman of the Democrat Party, Kathy Sullivan, who to this day insists there is no vote fraud, actually housed an out of state campaign sign stealer, who voted illegally in Manchester before fleeing the state.

Democrats Sylvia Larsen (Senate President) and Terri Norelli (House Speaker), at the start of the Great Recession, spent $72,000.00 of your money to remodel their bathroom in the state house.

New Hampshire Democrats work very hard to accumulate power in Concord while cramming costs down on towns and cities.

There are literally dozens of other examples where New Hampshire Democrats were irresponsible stewards of your state budget, and your tax dollars, at a time when you needed them most; of where they side-stepped the system for their own benefit; of cases of outright lying.   So yeah, I can see why they object to TEA Party values–the TEA Party wants things no New Hampshire Democrat would ever want.

The Tea Party supports lower taxes, fewer meddling government bureaucrats, more local control,  and free markets that allow for more choices and more personal responsibility.   So whose values are more like New Hampshire, a state with a small accountable government, no broad based taxes, and a history of local grass roots activism?

I’ve only lived in New Hampshire for about 22 years but TEA Party values sound a lot more like New Hampshire Values to me.