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Just a Theory…

I think Iran and Egypt are co-coordinating a response to the impending Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear capability.

The expectation is that Israel will do something before the November elections.  Egypt, which is now engaging in diplomatic exchanges with Iran, has recently moved more military hardware into the Sinai peninsula to deal with militants and security issues.  There are probably plenty of those, and by all accounts, Israel is not balking at allowing Egypt to deal with those (per long standing peace treaty agreements), but there is the matter of Egyptian tanks that were moved into the region, which Israeli officials claim they did not know about in advance.

Probably nothing.  But with Iran calling for renewed attacks on Israel and the West, an expected raid on Iranian nuclear capability, and a new-found shared interest between Iran and Egypt, I would not be at all surprised if the “tanks” and other military hardware, were not there to ‘respond’ after any preemptive strike against Iran.

With Syria occupied and Saudi Arabia uncomfortable with the potential for a shift in regional power to Iran, Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood offer potential support for Iran’s regime, and immediate access to Israel’s borders to apply immediate military pressure or response if needed.  And then there are the 10,000 Hezbollah fighters Iran is supposedly training and arming to invade Israel if there is an attack on Iran, which I suspect there will be and sooner than we think.

Israel cannot afford to wait.  I suspect, at the same time, that they are more than prepared and able to defend themselves. But what will Barack Obama do if the only functioning Democracy in the region finds itself fighting a was with our enemy Iran?  Or more accurately, what will Valerie Jarrett and Michelle Obama advise him to do?