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From Top To Bottom The Democrat Party Lacks Principles

The blatant double standards exercised by Democrats is regard to what is outrageous becomes clearer every day.  Here in New Hampshire, spewing hate-speech and laughing at inferred acts of violence are pushed aside when we know that were it the Republicans making ‘off-hand’ remarks of a similar nature, the left would never let it go…. it would be an example of the underlying hate they hold for (insert name here), and would disqualify them for office….and yet not one Democrat has the honor to stand up and say as much when it’s them.

And at the national level the Obama Super PAC has called Mr. Romney many things and most recently a murderer.  But like everything else wrong with the Democrat party, from the violence to the slurs, to the racism, none of them, at least in New Hampshire, has the ‘teabag’ to admit that this is just as wrong as if Republican’s had done it.

The accusation of murder comes to us from Priorities USA, the Obama Super PAC.   The assumption is that because

“a company that Romney used to own closed down a steel mill (several years after Romney left that company) and that meant that the wife of the husband who lost his job at that steel mill (one Joe Soptic) didn’t have any insurance after the wife left her job several years after the layoff and several years after all of that the wife was diagnosed with cancer and then died.”

Did you get that?

So the kid growing up in the wake of the Obama economy, who never finds work and has to turn to crime to better his lot in life..every crime he commits, including murder, is Barak Obama’s fault.  And you know what?  That actually has a leg to stand on.  Becasue in the Obama economy, you don’t build anything without the help of the government, so that has to include everything you destroy as a result of it as well.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, and Fast and Furious have been tied directly to the deaths of around three-hundred minorities (potential future immigrants–illegal or legal), from their own ridiculous gun running program.  An American, Brian Terry is dead too.  Killed by guns given to their killers by the Obama Administration.  So Obama and Holder have committed murder.

The Democrats who are not defending the Administration are pointing fingers or simply silent.  Very brave, that lot.

So since Holder is only the AG becasue Obama appointed him, and Obama only appointed him becasue people elected Obama President, I guess every Democrat in America is responsible for the death of Brian Terry and 300 Mexicans.

This game is kind of fun.

How does that Ad go?  “New Hampshire Democrats murdered border patrol agent and 300 minorities.”

I bet that would get the armchair decency crowd off their collectivist Donkey’s ass and in an proper up-roar.  But we’re talking about Dear leader, whom they will collectively insist is not responsible for what a Super PAC does.  Or is he?

Surrogate smears are not new, in fact they are a staple of retail politics.  Super PAC’s just make them more well funded and widely distributed.  And while some may argue this is bad, I think it gives an observant and educated electorate a greater opportunity to fisk the claims and even find connections no one wanted anyone to make.  And this Ad is a great example.

It’s a lousy ad.  And when that Ad backfires Obama and his zombies will want to be able to distance themselves, but back in May an Obama Campaign spokesperson introduced the guy in the ad to reporters in a conference call.  Red State has the audio.  So this is not just some guy the Obama Super PAC scrounged up to play six degrees of “Look Romney is a murderer. ” In all likelihood the  Obama’s campaign found him first.

But they didn’t just outsource him to the smear PAC, they are running their own campaign ads with footage of the same guy, in the same clothes, in the same room, at the same time.  (same link above)

So which came first?  The OfA ad or the Super PAC smear, because they were shot the same day.  (Can I say shot?  Is that too divisive of a word?)  They are either sharing footage or were all present.  In either case that suggests collusion.

So the real impact of this ad may not be the long stretch it has to take to make its impossible point (one that even the liberal media is getting incensed at), but that the attack was clearly coordinated with the Super PAC from inside the Obama campaign, in violation of the law.

Break out the flying monkeys to call this some kind of Right wing conspiracy theory.  Go ahead New Hampshire Democrats.   The music is playing.  We know how you are.  Start dancing.