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Demobrats (Updated and Bumped)

[Update:  Romney left the Republican convention and headed…to Louisiana, to survey the situation.  Obama… had all week to go…still aint been.  Still too busy running for president to be the President.]

Louisiana is getting pummeled by Hurricane Issac.  President Obama has chosen to be on a three state campaign tour begging for a second term (nowhere near Louisiana).   And DNC Sargent Debbie Washerwoman Schultz is in Tampa (Also not Louisiana) complaining about how Republicans are having a convention in Tampa while people are in misery up the coast.
(While Republicans put Red Cross Appeals, on several occasions, during the convention – to give their own money, as usual – Mike)

This is all you are ever going to get from Demobrats.  Ever.  It is never their fault.  They never do anything wrong.  They will never take responsibility for their policies or their actions or their own words.  There is always an excuse.  They will always find someone else to blame.  And the media will always help them try to do it.

Where is the anti-Obama media coverage while a storm rages across Louisiana?  They are in Tampa as well, reporting on how Demobrats are pointing fingers at Republicans, while Demobrats still control the US Senate and the White House.

Demobrats are unfit to lead.  They are children, spending your money like children, blaming everyone else…like the spoiled little brats that they are.