The Annual CNHT Family Picnic is This Saturday Noon to 2pm [Updated and Bumped] - Granite Grok

The Annual CNHT Family Picnic is This Saturday Noon to 2pm [Updated and Bumped]

[Update: Event is from Noon to 2pm; Featured Speaker Jason Rink, Director of “Nullification, The Rightful Remedy”.]

The Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers Annual Picnic is this Saturday from Noon to 2pm.  You can still buy tickets on line, or pay a little extra at the door.  The featured speaker Will Be Jason Rink of Foundation for a Free Society (, who was the producer and director of “Nullification, The Rightful Remedy” – he will tell us about how states are reclaiming their sovereignty, and how we CAN fight back against ObamaCare.  Directions are available at  Additional event details are provided upon purchase.

GraniteGrok will be there, so if you happen to be running for office and would like us to squeeze in an interview, that might be a great time to catch up with us.


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Speakers will include candidates running for office, with special guest Jacki Whiton – The clerk who quit rather than accept EBT to pay for cigarettes, and of course Ed Naile, Chairman of the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers.

Local activist groups will be there as well, and you get the all you can eat picnic buffet.

And did we say? GraniteGrok will be there.

Join us

Nullification, The Rightful Remedy - click to buy
Jason Rink of F4FS and Director of 'Nullification'