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Nullification…Liberal Style (part deux)

Thanks to the NHTPC, I found a video in which Carol Che-Porter, then candidate for Congress (beating Jeb Bradley shortly after), spoke at a NH Tea Party rally!

Yes, it’s true!  Gadsden flags were flying, tri-corner hats were worn, and such liberty-loving creatures as Rep. Neal Kurk, Elbert Bicknell (GONH), Katherine Albrecht, and former State Rep. Don Gorman (NH Liberty Alliance, firearms advocate/instructor) were in attendance.

Carol, the Tea Partier? (she does her Michele Bachmann shtick at the 3:24 mark)

Even more incredible?  This was a 2006 “nullification” rally, protesting the REAL ID Act, which the Democrat-controlled NH legislature rejected a year later (after boosting up all those taxes and fees).  New Hampshire joined twenty-four other states who dared stand up and nullify a federal law!  (see my earlier post about NH Liberals performing this satanic ritual of nullification)

Will the wonders ever cease?  You just can’t make this stuff hypocrisy up.

PS – The “boogeyman” of nullification is alive in well in these still-United States.  Check out this great site and you’ll see.