Data Point - US CO2 emissions down; So NOW will NH Senate President Bragdon and Majority Leader Bradley let RGGI die? - Granite Grok

Data Point – US CO2 emissions down; So NOW will NH Senate President Bragdon and Majority Leader Bradley let RGGI die?

US CO2 Emission levelsCO2 (that pollutant that really isn’t one) is supposedly going to kill us all off due to the global warming climate change it causes (even though water vapor is a much higher effect gas).  Screw that, its political existence is derived only due to its ability to generate a new revenue stream for greedy politicians and life-style redistribution tool for Watermelon Environmentalists.

But emissions are down, WAY down, and falling at a high rate of slump  as the graphic shows.  Two reasons:

  • The large technical changes in drilling techniques spearheaded by the Private Sector that is rapidly making us the Saudi Arabia of natural gas and oil several times over.
  • The use of that natural gas in electrical generation as Obama and his Progressive Pukes continue to destroy the Coal Industry via Presidential fiat via the EPA (just as he promised to do before he ascended his Majestic Throne); in this case, via the MACT rule that the EPA is arbitrarily and fundamentally transforming Americas energy usage.

Which brings up the operative question: if emissions are falling THIS fast,

What the hell does NH need to be in RGGI anymore?

The purpose of RGGI (Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative which roped in the Northeastern States together) was to lower CO2 emissions by placing high governmental taxes by a governmental “free market” (get the joke?) on those “emissions”.  If emissions are down, the Watermelon Environmentalists having nothing to yelp and whine about – they are getting their results (just not the way they REALLY wanted – a way to achieve their grand “Hope” to “Change” the way the rest of us live – ?this must make Charlie Bass and his Biomass family industries rather cross).

That  leaves only one other reason to keep NH in RGGI – a slush fund for those aforementioned politicians.  So, if Bragdon and Bradley really believed that limiting emissions was the purpose, congratulations – it worked (but not because of RGGI, dudes).

Ask yourself, however, if they now do not act to remove NH from RGGI (remember, the NH House voted to do so but the NH Senate killed the bill), then their purpose all along was…..what?

Why else would they keep this broad-based tax in NH?


(H/T: RedState)