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A Patriotic “New Years” Resolution – Resolve To Be Free From Tyranny

I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Independence day, which I did not in my previous post with the Declaration of Independence.  I also wanted to mention the strange feeling that I awoke with today.

I think I know what the second or third generations of conquered nations felt like; remembering the “old ways” out of deference to our ancestors or as a way of expressing defiance.  You can see the history in your own past, that of friends and neighbors, places and days, stories told, in objects and heirlooms.  You can even smell it and hear it.  But you can’t quite remember it.  That is how I felt when I woke up. Unfocused. Not certain of where the path was that I am looking for.

But I am not a “Sunshine Patriot.”  Most of my activism has occurred during these dark hours of the Obama years.  I didn’t have to be afraid of the Socialists hiding in the bushes.  They have been running my country under the cover of a propaganda media.   And despite these odds I am here, on the front line, every day, investing my own time and effort to promote a different message.   And I am not alone.  Everyone here at GraniteGrok is doing the same thing.  And at blogs all over the country.  And that is the message.  No matter what is set before us, we are not going quietly.  We will not just shout in the darkness.  We will instead light another candle to push back the infringing pall of tyranny just a little bit longer.  But we need your help.

This year, please consider looking at Independence day as a Patriotic New Years of sorts.  A day to make resolutions that place us back on the path toward liberty, freedom, and personal responsibility.  Consider it an opportunity to restore freedom.  To return state Sovereignty.  To push back against unconstitutional Federal overreach.

Understand that we don’t need to replace everyone in congress, though that might help.  Removing Mr. Obama from office is a step in the right direction, but without structural change at the state level, in a few years any shift away from his variety of top down command and control will just creep back into the Oval office.  We do not need to overthrow the government.  We do not need revolution, nor do we need consider secession.  We simply need to look back to our founding and just tell them no.  We need an intervention of States.

Without the consent of the states the Federal Government can do nothing–it is  nothing.  So we need to take back our states, more of them, and continue to hold on to those we already have.  We need to stand together as we have in the past…make the Federal government look to us for guidance, not the other way around.  We must stand up as States and say that we will not enforce your unconstitutional Federal rules, your mandates, your taxes, or your burdensome regulations, when they run contrary to the will of our people.  We will not let you tell us what is commerce, nor how best we shall engage in it.  We will not allow the darkness of tyranny to envelop us further, nor permit it to intimidate  smother our citizens any longer.

The Constitution gives us this right as States, and we do not need the Federal Government’s approval to enforce it, for it was written to protect us from them.  This includes the Judicial branch of the Federal Government and the Supreme Court.

Without our consent to your rule, you cannot rule us.  So we Declare yet again that we will not be lorded over by distant “tyrants.”  We resolve to stand in opposition.  We shall each of us light a candle of liberty, in every town, every county, and every state, until there is no place for the darkness to hide.   With pamphlet sand the ballot box, our words and our votes, we shall drive the repressive gloom back into its hole and starve the bureaucratic beast, by giving it nothing to feed upon until it has been reduced to a size we find necessary to address it’s few and limited constitutional powers.

We support this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, mutually pledging to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.
Happy Patriotic New Year.