The Coming War...Blood for Nothing. - Granite Grok

The Coming War…Blood for Nothing.

No, I am not talking about the presidential campaign, though that will be similar to a war.  I am referring to what Mr. Obama will do if he feels he has to to get re-elected.

Hold on to your peacenik badges lefties, because that hope and change you’ve been clinging to will take another hit if the anti-War, globalist, Mr. UN, Nobel Peace Prize recipient, can’t we all bow and appease Obama thinks he could benefit from in an election year from his status as  a “War President.”

War Presidents get a little lift.  That whole, “we shouldn’t change commanders-in-chief in the midst of a raging conflict” thing.   So if Obama’s polling is looking rough, he will toss that sliver of the progressive anti-war left under the Hopey-Changey bus if it has any shot at helping him keep the oval office.

After yanking us out of every conflict just to do it, no real strategic reasoning at all, you might want to start thinking of catchy phrases for when he puts us into another conflict just because he thinks it may help him win re-election.   How about Blood for Power, Blood for votes, or maybe blood for nothing?