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Project Veritas – “Can Illegal aliens vote in North Carolina?” Er, that would be a yes

James O’Keefe’s  Project Veritas has done another Voter Fraud video – this time in the State where the Democrat National Convention will be – North Carolina!  How fitting, as it always seems that Democrats are the one who could care less who is voting (or how often – it’s the Chicago way!).  I just keep wondering how long it will take before the illustrative theater of the absurd will finally start to sink in – and even with that, it IS absurd that the government workers can’t accept that if something is that absurd looking, they are being punked.  But, that’s the problem with “seams” or boundary conditions and folks who are “just doing the job” – both them and the “system” can easily be exploited.

Here is the supporting info for this North Carolina activities (entire video, the research paperwork).

Here in NH, the system got exploited – big time, and at the worst possible time (the day for voting for the First In The Nation Primary) for NH and the Democrats that have refused to take action by insisting “hey, it can’t happen here!”.  So, when you embarrass the High and Mighty, they get all onery on you.  That’s why the NH Attorney General issued a subpoena for a criminal grand jury when James O’Keefe was to return back to NH to speak at a Rye Republican event (which cause him to Skype into the event instead, which foiled that attempt).

And as I pointed out here, NH AG Dick Head is now doing “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” bit with Nadia Naffe in getting emails (et al) of James O’Keefe that she obtained under dubious circumstances.  Gov. John “Do Nuttin” Lynch is not going to let this go – nor ANY Democrat politician of merit standing in the State.  You know, this, to my eyes, starts to approach that line which demarcs what is right, and what is shady, and what is wrong.