Blue collar Reality shows - paragons of capitalism. Listen to them over our President. - Granite Grok

Blue collar Reality shows – paragons of capitalism. Listen to them over our President.

Anti-Collective, Anti-“we’re better together”, Anti-“you succeed only when we all succeed”  (and all that other crapola) rant.

So Bill ayers wakes up, wishes to blow up capitalism, fails, goes to bed and then does it again the next day. I guess I’m complicit in his scheme – at least in part. Like Bill here, I am one of those that is helping to collapse part of the capitalist scheme – but only the part I don’t care for.  I hardly evah watch the “old” networks – ABC,  CBS, or NBC and it is showing in their downward ratings. Instead, its the reality programs.  No, nothing like the Kardashians or the fashion shows.  Instead, it’s the logging shows, the crabbing shows, trucking, fishing, gold mining and the like.

You know, the ones that actually love capitalism.  They realize – no work, no pay.  If they are sitting around, no money is getting into their pockets. Each one has to work on their own or in voluntary teams, to get the job done.  They aren’t factory or ofice jobs where the pay is by the hour or the bi-weekly salary check.  There’s no living  off someone else’s sweat – it’s their sweat that determines  success or failure. You have to salute the inventor shows, the Shark Tank shows where people keep after their dreams, hoping and praying that their time, talent, and hard work AND THEIR WILLINGNESS TO DELAY INSTANT GRATIFICATION will finally pay off.

They understand, unlike our President, that they ARE successful on their own – they sneer at progressive pansies and the hanger-ons that act as economic parasites (actually, they rather make sport of those that don’t measure up).  No, Elizabeth Warren, they aren’t “depending” on anything that “we” bought – there are no roads on the open oceans or bottom of the seas.  There are no roads in the swamps – these guys pay for and make them on their own.  And Heaven knows that there’s no one out in the wilderness, no marauding mob to be protected against (ever see Shelby from “Swamp Peoples” and that cannon of a pistol he has with him all the time?).  And the skills they all have are NOT taught in Government schools – only the School of Hard Knocks where the degree has to be earned each and every day.

Sometimes it does – most often it doesn’t for these latter folks.   Unfortunately, a lot of politicians, especially at the national level, just don’t ‘get it”.  Who can forget Hillary’s swipe at “undercapitalized”  biz owners”  when she was working on Hillarycare.  There truly are those that want to go it alone, and take risk for the reward – they wish to have no truck with “all for one” because they know that the “all” wants what the “one” has.

No, it just seems that the “elite” Progressives don’t care.  Like many of their policies, they just don’t care what the outcome is or what it does to these folks.  They only want you tied to them