Democrats Do Not Want You To Be Free - Granite Grok

Democrats Do Not Want You To Be Free

According to Dr. Larry Arnn, President of Hillsdale College…

“Limited Government is necessary if you are going to have a representative government.  You can’t have a representative government unless you have a big, strong, independent, vibrant society, that can be represented, that is independent of the government that represents it.”

With people being who people are, this makes perfect sense.  We are not angels.  And human beings are not to be trusted in the defense of their own cause because they are prone to take advantage or each other.   And history has shown time and again that bigger governments inevitably result in fewer freedoms.  So we can see who favors less actual freedom–not the false rhetorical, hopey-changey, social justice variety–by looking at who encourages dependence on a larger central government.

Our progressive friends are big on entitlements and dependence on government.  They even argue that this dependence is good for the economy.

They fight hard to add more state and federal employees who are not much different than those on assistance; beholden to the state for their means and just as likely to  exercise their political voice to sustain or expand that assistance.

The Progressives also love to expand the public employee rolls because they love the public unions. Public workers finance these unions–whether they like it or not–with your tax dollars and the unions reward their Democrat employers by returning  much of that money to them with the understanding that they will continue this practice.

These factions are all dependent on the government.  The only thing they need representation for is to ensure that the money continues to flow from someone else, to them.  They will never put a tourniquet on the source of their livelihood, and that is exactly the point; Democrats will never seriously consider any action which could reduce their power and influence or the expansion of the state.

It is these very people the constitution was created to protect us from, so it is not surprising that they violate it at every opportunity.  They do not want to protect your unalienable rights, they want to define and manage them and you along with them.