NRA - a very timid step, but are they finally getting the big picture?? - Granite Grok

NRA – a very timid step, but are they finally getting the big picture??

NRA grassroots email alertsAs an former NRA member, I still get their NRA-ILA alerts and I am always figuring that this is the indication of what they are thinking concerning the “big” picture.  After all, a couple of years now when the Dems were pushing the DISCLOSE act that would have restricted Free Speech, the NRA was silent.  Absolutely silent – and that in and of itself created a fire storm from both conservative grassroots and from their own membership akin to “Are you guys flippin’ morons??  You CANNOT just concentrate on protecting just the Second Amendment (the right to bear arms) if they take away your First!”

The NRA kept saying that they were a one issue group (as if that was a sufficient), so that’s why they wouldn’t be speaking out on that issue.  Period – and in my mind, given what they could have brought to bear, a cop-out of the first degree.  That is also why I am an ex-NRA member, because unless you are willing to protect it all, you will lose your one issue.  A particular section of a wall cannot stand on its own and be effective if the rest of the wall has been knocked down by incoming enemy fire – and make no mistake, the entire founding philosophy of the Constitution is under heavy attack from Progressives. Yes, concentrate on your single issue, but there are times we all have to be voluntarily interlocked to protect the freedoms that are trying to be wrenched from us under the guise of the Marxist “greater good” collective group-think.  This is, again, one of those times.

Now, they did offer up a very timid entree / step off the Second Amendment reservation about Ruth Bader Ginsburg; here is part of it:

…Those who hold this view would be happy see our Constitution abandoned in favor of a more “modern” document that grants “rights” such as health care, housing and employment, while eliminating protections for the right to keep and bear arms and restrictions on the powers of the central government.  What these visionaries see as deficiencies in our Constitution are exactly the things that make it work so well. Its purpose is to guarantee fundamental rights and to protect liberty by restricting government power.

Good for them – but then the email went back to gun issues.  No mention at all of the current Freedom of Religion transgression by Obama (aided and abetted by Senator Jeanne Shaheen).

Note to NRA:  You guys STILL don’t get it – if you do not harness the power of your membership to protect ALL of the Rights enumerated in the Constitution, your single issue will become irrelevant (just as the US made fortified Japanese bases in the Pacific by by-passing those islands).  Hey, remember Obama’s statement of “clinging to their guns or  religion”?  Guess what, dunderheads – he sees them one in the same.  He’s coming after Religion now – your guns will be next.  After all, “First, they came for the Jews”….