See! Even Syrians prefer Bush over Obama! - Granite Grok

See! Even Syrians prefer Bush over Obama!

Especially when a decision for Freedom has to be made:

Update thoughts: He voted “present” when it came to Iran and blew the chance to speak well of that nascent freedom movement.  Instead of just giving speeches favoring Freedom over the mullahs, he remained silent – so much for the Obama / Samantha Powers doctrine of “Responsibility to Protect” rolled out for Libya.  And please do not believe I am advocating for a Syrian encursion (I’m not).  I merely am pointing that Obama is not the world-wide savior he wanted us to believe he was (or that he thinks he is) and that he cannot even be consistent on his on policy.

He’s no Messiah – lately, he’s not even turning out to be a decent politician.

(H/T: RedState)