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Democrats Reject Obama’s Jobs Bill

Yesterday provided another clear example of President Obama and other Democrats blaming others for their own failings.  For a month Democrats have blamed Republicans for not passing President Obama’s “jobs” bill.  But, yesterday when Republicans pressed for a vote on the bill, Senate Democrats prevented the vote. 

President Obama lies when he blames Republicans for failure to pass a jobs bill.  Even Democrats know President Obama’s bill is unacceptable, full of wasteful spending and increased taxes, intended only to give a failing President a campaign tool for fooling ignorant voters.  

If President Obama’s “jobs” bill is so bad that the Democrat controlled Senate rejects it, why should the House consider it?  When House Republicans offered to help create a bill that would actually create jobs, the President refused.   

After nearly three years we have learned that President Obama only knows and promotes liberal policies that raise our cost of living, increase our taxes, and kill American jobs.  These are the policies promoted by his new “jobs” bill which would just create more misery for Americans.   

Hopefully Republicans will join Democrats in refusing to pass the President’s jobs bill,  it deserves to die.                        

Don Ewing

Note:  After submitting this letter to the editor to NH newspapers, Senate Majority Leader Reid announced that the Senate Democrats have modified the President’s jobs bill with increased taxes and that he will bring the new bill up for a vote soon.  We shall see how pretty is the pig’s new bow, if it  ever gets a vote, and who supports it … which will be remembered in 2012.