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Your Vote Is Worth Millions- Maybe You’d Like To Protect it?

It is against the law to obtain a State ID illegally. It is against the law to bribe a public official to obtain an ID for you illegally.  It is against the law  to accept remuneration to affect public policy to someones specific advantage. But it is not illegal for democrats to take money from public unions to support polices that increase their numbers or forms of compensation; or for those same public employees to support their objection to using a legal ID to vote for elected officials who will be in a position to decide matters like whether or not you need an ID to vote, or what punishments are appropriate for obtaining an ID illegally.Don't let them steal your vote

I mention it because SB 129 is coming up for a veto override vote in the New Hampshire Senate in the next week or so. (The Union leader referred to it as SB 189, this morning, which is incorrect.)  SB 129 would require ID to vote in New Hampshire.  It would afford the same protection to your vote as it does to dozens of other things you need an ID for.

What you should take away form this is that in an increasingly bureaucratic state, where the cost of those intrusions are born entirely by the voters and taxpayers, your vote could be worth millions of dollars.  An considering how the left is willing to abuse election law to misinform you, to use state employees to coerce and mislead you, their objection is that much more motivation to support the legislation.

You might want to encourage your State Senators to vote to override the governors reckless veto of this basic protection, of not just the fundamental right to cast your vote, not just the right to feel certain that is not being stolen by illegitimate votes in opposition that nullify your voice, but to secure your say in how those millions will be spent in your name.


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