UNH may have to Layoff More Staff - Granite Grok

UNH may have to Layoff More Staff

Box of tissues for UNH cry babiesBoo hoo.

Faced with a deficit, after years of a bad economy, UNH may be forced to do what many companies had to do years ago–cut more staff.  I can’t tell you how bad I feel for them.  The small business I work for went from 30 employees down to 12…two years ago.  Of course we were not supported by taxpayers, nor did we have unions or arbitrators insisting we pay people like Ed Larkin to do nothing for five years at the staggering cost of almost half a million dollars.

At my office we streamlined down to the bare minimum needed to keep things running, and have discovered efficiencies and opportunities to be more productive with less resources.   Not only are we still in business, but things are actually looking up. Yeah, it’s more work for the rest of us, and no we have not had raises in years, but we are working and providing a product and service (and paying taxes).

But State run enterprises, or those who have become dependent on tax payer prop-ups, have little or no incentive to make those hard choices. 

It is easier for state agencies and trough feeders to complain about how "service"s could be reduced or how "working families" will be affected.  Instead of looking for the opportunity to do more with less they blame theWELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD legislature for asking them to do what every small business-every family in the state–has already done for years.  Cut back, and find new ways to get the job done.

I commend the NH Legislature for bringing this reality sandwich to the  bureaucracy despite union protests, left wing demagoguery, and the press perception that government can never be forced to make the same sacrifices as the very people who are forced to fund it.

As for UNH…they should be put on a five year plan to get off the taxpayer dole altogether.  State funding of universities is an idea we can no longer afford.  And it is obvious that without some kind of prodding, they will never get lean on their own.  But if the state want’s to cut these schools some slack, perhaps we could create an opportunity for higher taxes on their business and then offer them a tax break in exchange for more concessions.  That is how the Democrats would do it if the University were not filled with Democrats.