Theocracy? Couldn't happen if we tried... - Granite Grok

Theocracy? Couldn’t happen if we tried…

At last night’s Perry event at Pam Tucker’s, there was a lone protester with a sign that muttered something that he was opposed to establishing a theocracy.  You know, that kind of silly protest seems to be pretty much standard fare for anyone on the Right that shows any sign of religiosity.  After all, the Left seems to take any opportunity to bash Christians (and in this race, again, add in Mormons).

Note to protestor – Problem is for you, however, is that most of us of the Religious Right agree with you.  Especially Evangelicals!

And could never pull that off in the first place – the whole idea that the Religious Right could rise up and establish a theocracy is absurd.  Reason is, Evangelicals are generally from churches that are governed from a bottom up basis – even your’s truly has been elected as a Deacon in the past.  While many conservative churches belong to some kind of denominational structure, those organizational structures are often driven from the bottom up, not top down.  Thus remember that while these can yield hefty numbers for member churches, it can take very little, sometimes, for splits to happen and sometimes for the littlest reasons or minor points of theology.  Remember, there is truth to individual church congregations splitting asunder merely over the color of the rugs, new paint, hymnals, and even the choir robes.  Theocracy?  The idea is rather laughable – most of us don’t or can’t tolerate taking orders from on High – especially when it isn’t from God Himself. 

Good grief – how do you think so many denominations have come into existence? It certainly has not been in staying in lockstep on what it is we all believe.

Theocracy?  Oh, please, lone protestor! If you really knew what you were talking about, thinking that just because Rick Perry prayed at a Day of Prayer gathering in his home state of Texas, you would have just simpered home, head hanging down in shame.

Just the fact that this dude was there showed he hadn’t done his homework or thought things through.