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From a couple of Facebook posts I did yesterday morning:

I DVR most of the political Sunday shows – am watching Meet The Press and I cannot believe how badly David Gregory is hectoring Michelle Bachman on her faith in God. He just can’t seem to understand that God IS important to most folks.

And taunting her with "would you appoint an atheist to your Admin"? Good grief

And it seems that the shows and liberal pundits covering for Obama have zeroed in on her stance on the Biblical relationship between husbands and wives:

Later, Gregory interrogated Bachmann about her religious views. After playing a clip of the congresswoman quoting the biblical instruction for wives to “submit” to their husbands, Gregory asked, “Is that your view of women in America?”

When Bachmann argued that “submission” meant “respect,” Gregory joked, “Congresswoman, I didn’t even have to check with my wife, and I know those two things aren’t equal.”

“Well in our house, it is,” Bachmann shot back.
(H/T: the Corner)

Now, I don’t exactly agree with her answer, but Gregory (and others) seem to be intent on bashing the religious faith of those that refuse to kowtow to liberal Political Correctness orthodoxy.  Here’s the reference for the basis of the kerfuffle: Ephesians 5:22

22 For wives, this means submit to your husbands as to the Lord.

Certainly, much as been made of this in our "everyone HAS to be equal" society – and it drives many Liberals and feminists absolutely crazy.  They see this automatically as "wife as doormat" or "back to the days of barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen".  They will not accept what is…

…written (who knows, maybe that is one of the Rubicons in that if they were to accept that, there would have to be other things that they’d have to accept as well, like having to judge real right and wrong as in the parable of the woman at the well).  For them, it would mean have to be going back to those times when husbands were regarded as the head of the household – an absolute anathema to those whose mission in life is to destroy all remnants of the Patriarchy.

Sidenote: Yeah, that has served the urban black community ever so well; I think Dan Quayle was proven right.

The problem is that most of those against the idea of wives putting their husbands first never bring up the even larger responsibility of husbands:

25 For husbands, this means love your wives, just as Christ loved the church. He gave up his life for her

We husbands are commanded, by God, to love our wives.  It’s not a request, it’s not a "when you get around to it", or when you feel like it,  or on every other odd numbered Thursday – it is always. It is not a choice.  It "is", it should just ‘be", and all the time. Remember, while the word "love" describes an emotion, it is also a verb.  And verbs connote actions which require a decision.  In this case, we husbands must always be deciding to love our wives (even if they have ticked us off, just as we tick them off at times).

Most husbands would willingly put themselves in harm’s way, to throw themselves in front of the oncoming danger (it’s what real men do) and easily satisfy the command denoted by "gave up his life for her".  What is much harder is to "not to get around the boulder" but take care of "the pebble in the shoe".  When the little, inconsequential things that our wives do to drive us crazy, that is the time to actually contemplate "gave up his life for her" – and decide to love.  While the command is to be willing to sacrifice everything, it is also to do the same in the little things too.

So while Christian theology bashers seem to concentrate on the first part, the higher responsibility is on the husbands – but nobody seems to complain about that Biblical responsibility, do they?

Again, I’m no theologian, just an ordinary schlub.  But it is clear to me that both the husband and wife have been given clear commands by God – who are we to refuse?  Each has to subsume their own desires to put the other first – even as Christ put His Church before His own well being (re: the scourging he willingly undertook and His dying on the cross). 

But think about the ramification even if either you or your spouse are not Christians – if you are both always are putting each other first, well ahead of themselves, what is the downside?

Answer: none.

Only in this "me first", self-centered, Politically Correct society that is this controversial. Only in this political correct driven environment is this concept questions; after all, we’re all equal (unless your identity group outpluses another identity group or is part of the Left’s "Rage of the Day"). Once again, we see traditional views not only dismissed but those that hold them are made to look backward, stupid, and not worthy of any respect.

Remember, the purpose is of the MSM is not to tell us the news of the day – they are there to make the world a better place (and obviously, belief in God is seen as a negative).