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Coming to a wallet near you: “No God but Allah” Dollar bill

This could lead to a multi-directional food fight – atheist vs Islamist vs Christians / Jews:

This is going to put the Left into quite the quandary!

It has been proven in a variety of polls that Lefties tend to trend much more secular than those on the Right.  Problem in this case, Progressives are trying to remove God from the public square in their zest to keep us all free from religion (as opposed to the establishment of religion as in the First Amendment), which in my estimation is that they are continuing to establish secular humanism as a religion).

Lately, however, but we’ve seen the Lefty useful idiots "protect" Islam (or is the proper word "use"?) as a victimized identity group (even as FBI stats show that Jews are most likely to be attacked). 

So, how would the Left rationalize this?  Islamists want no God but Allah – they also are not keen on the idea of "no God" either (the Left’s seeming adherence to remove "In God We Trust" on our currency, the practice of religion in the public square (except when it benefits them not to), and we’ve seen President Obama, on several occasions, delete the use of "the Creator" when speaking / quoting the Declaration of Independence.

And who is going to go track down who is doing this?  After all, it is a purposeful and willful defacing of our currency (and against the law)?

(H/T: Family Security Matters)