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NH SB3 – pension reform

While I was at RightOnline, it looks like the House and the Senate agreed on how to fix the massive problem NH faces concerning paying for the retirements of public employees.  Why am I not surprised at this:

The final deal, as of July 1, will increase what all non-state public employees have to contribute towards their pension.

State employees currently have to pay 7 percent of their paychecks towards retirement, up from 5 percent last summer. This same increase would get charged to all local, county and school workers.

A similar 2 percent bump would be felt by both local police and fire department workers.

"You can’t come up with a better reason to veto a bill in my view, passing on this kind of tax on the income of working people," said Professional Fire Fighters of New Hampshire President David Lang.

A tax?  Once again, from a leader of the public unions, we see the total disregard for the taxpayers.  Once again, we see the true purpose of the public unions – not necessarily to not serve the public, but primarily IS to enrich union members above any other entities.  Frankly, it is "union first".  Since there are no profits in the public sector (the normal plunder for unions to seek out and fight the employers over in the private sector), the only top line for unions to go after is the bottom lines of non-union families.

"Working families": once again, we see the Left (for unions are creatures of the Progressives simply based on how very few times they support someone on the Right) trying to redefine the language, not for the benefit of all but for the enrichment of the few.  Here in NH as well as nationwide, we see the unions trying to cast themselves as THE epitome of a normal middle class workers.   

Which they are not – given that union membership is only 6.9% of all workers. I work, and I have a family.  Yet, for their own purposes, MY working family (and most of you out there as well) is not important when it comes to the $$ grab.

Gee, at a time when most private workers are taking hit after hit, there’s no empathy at all from Professional Fire Fighters of New Hampshire President David Lang.  What about the tax on THEM, sir? 

He complains that his members are about to pay more for their own benefits.  How about the rest of us, who not only have to pay for ours out of shrinking paychecks, but then deny our own families even more for your insistence that your membership remain whole?

<insert cricket chirps here>