GrokTalk! Saturday June 11th , 2011 - Granite Grok

GrokTalk! Saturday June 11th , 2011

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This week, from 9-11AM…

Robert Bluey from the Heritage Foundation– Leader of the Heritage Foundations Investigative Reporting Unit.

Don Overman– Director of New Hampshire Fair Tax (The real "Fair Tax" not that left wing fromt group  looking to add a sales and income tax to NH.)  He’ll be calling in to talk about, well The Fair Tax.

William Damon Author and professor, will be talking about his new book "Failing Liberty 101" from the Institution Press.

Mike Rogers –
Grok contributor and plitcial activist, will talk about the book ‘Fiat Money’, how the abuse of paper currency by politicians destroys the economy and peoples livelihood.

Plus a quick look at the weeks events, non events, and more…