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The Terrorist Next Door

Investigative reporter Erick Stakelbeck, host of the network program “Stakelbeck on Terror,” has written a book everyone needs to pay attention to. It’s called “The Terrorist Next Door, ‘How the government is deceiving you about the Islamist threat.”

GrokTalk! Saturday May 14th , 2011

Live Streaming local and National News with opinion you could only get from GraniteGrok. EMail:     Call us!  603-524-7478 This week, 9-11AM…GrokNation! Rocks Rick Olson, Heavily Armed Grokster– He’s going to a special event today.  Check in to see what it is. Mike Rodger, Grokster from another land– On all things Presidential politics. …

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GrokTalk! Saturday April 23rd, 2011

State Senator Jim Forsythe with talk about the New Hampshire Senate and his upcoming fundraiser with US Senator Rand Paul.
Corey Lewandowski– the New Hampshire Executive director of Americans for Prosperity, will get us up to date on RGGI, and the NH Presidential Summit coming up on January 29th.
And Nat Yellis, Deputy Political Policy Director for Heritage Action For America, will call in to help close out the program; we’ll talk about Heritage Action, and the hot topics of the week

Live Blogging – Guinta Victroy Party

Granite Grok is live at the Guinta Victory Party at the Radisson in Manchester.  We will be live streaming election results, and keeping you up to date on events here as they happen.   Follow us on Facebook  or Twitter as we spend Election night on line and live from Manchester, NH