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Break Ups, Tweet Your Weiner, And An Election Not Stolen

Plain WeinerObama’s call for an up or down vote was just meant to give the DNC talking points to bash Republicans.  Get them on the record, then roll out the left wing rhetoric.  But with 82 democrats acting like fans of the TEA Party on Federal spending, will Obama ever be able to get the band back together for another Progressive Productions, Spendapalooza Tour? 


Yes, Anthony Weiner probably did tweet a picture of his Weiner to a college co-ed whom he chose to “follow.”  He is arrogant enough.  They are both adults.  But it’s not as if he cheated on his wife and lied to a grand jury about it.  All that aside, the coverup of a left wing organ (sorry) is turning into a glorious display of self-immolation.


Over in the land of Cheese JoAnne Kloppenburg’s democrat/union advisers have discovered that they cannot steal this particular election.  Whomever was supposed to find 7000 plus votes in their trunk must have flea-bagged it to Illinois or Indiana, or maybe Minnesota, and fallen in love with the Holiday Inn Plus accommodations.  Who doesn’t want free Continental breakfasts for months on end?

Short the necessary "absentee ballots" needed to steal the race the State Supreme Court Candidate has had to concede.  Let’s just hope a bridge doesn’t fail.  That half-million she just wasted on her arrogance (for the recount) could have done some real good in the world.



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