GrokTalk! Saturday May 14th , 2011 - Granite Grok

GrokTalk! Saturday May 14th , 2011

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This week, 9-11AM…GrokNation! Rocks

Rick Olson, Heavily Armed Grokster– He’s going to a special event today.  Check in to see what it is.

Mike Rodger, Grokster from another land– On all things Presidential politics. (Mikes’ got company so tune it to see who.)

Tim Condon – Esquire-RLNH-Grokster -Live from Florida (the bum) will talk about…New Hampshire Politics, what else? (And don’t we have a special election coming up Tuesday?)

Steve Mac Donald, NHRVC-Grokster– On recent legislative gymnastics like Parental Notification and RGGI, and why on works and the other does not.

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