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What The…?

NHGOPDid anyone happen to notice the names bandied about in this Weeks Granite Status for the job of New Hampshire GOP state chairman?  John DiStaso mentions Jim Bender again, who I was told is not as interested as people think (always subject to change depending on whom you are speaking to); Jennifer Horn–who is getting nudged by the more conservative/libertarian elements along with Ovide Lamontagne who was an early favorite with the new Republicans; and then there’s Juliana Bergeron and Jim Foley–both of whom are (as far as I can tell) from the Fergus Cullen wing of the party.

That would be the broken wing, the one in decline.  The one that gave away the store for acting more like Massachusetts Republicans than ‘Live Free or Die’ Republicans.  The one that benefits  from the 24/7 activism of the tea party, free staters, and the like.

Yes, I am picking a fight.  For two reasons.

First, now that we have these names it is time to do some serious vetting.  Second, understand that if the convention chooses to elect a squish who is inclined to ignore the party platform despite any vetting process that produces RINO-like inclinations, we have to accept that verdict, but reserve the right to bring them out to the proverbial woodshed as needed.

We are committed to the new younger breed of pro-liberty conservatives who are rising up to defend our Island of sanity in a Blue New England sea.  And if you think we’re going back, you might just find yourself voted off the island.

Principle before Party creates a party strong on principle.   There is too much at stake to do this any other way.