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Has The Ground Zero Mosque Been Neutered?

From Stephen Schwartz at the Weekly Standard, Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, a major money guy behind the NYC GZM (Ground Zero Mosque) says he’s no longer in favor of the project.

"…Alwaleed told the Times, “I am not for putting a mosque there”—i.e. at 51 Park Place in lower Manhattan. Alwaleed said he opposed the construction to prevent offense to the families of 9/11 victims. He also noted the proximity of the proposed location to a strip club, which he said would be inappropriate for Muslims on their way to pray."

What does that mean in real terms?  I have no idea. According to the article, "Alwaleed’s Kingdom Foundation has been a financial patron of Feisal Abdul Rauf," the guy who want’s to build the Ground Zero Mosque at Ground Zero.  But having a benefactor who is having second thoughts, or expressing an objection he has until now kept to himself, is good news for the opponents of the project.  As objection outside the US grows, it becomes less advantageous to pursue something so unpopular.

They may still complete the project, and only time will tell, but this is an interesting development.


(Note: Image Credit Here.  Image is not part of the original Schwartz piece.)