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Can I Get You Some Vote Fraud With That Today?

Image Credit: Boogie Downer.blogspot.comDan McGuire got an earful from William Gardner, the New Hampshire Secretary of State, just the other day.  According to Bill the Obama government has been pushing hard against the states.  The Bureaucracy is trying to tell everyone how to run their voting operations.  Why should we be surprised by that?

And it looks like the issues with electronic voting are worse than you may have imagined, which means the Feds are pushing electronic/computerized voting.

‘Apparently one set of hackers from the University of Michigan were able to hack in to the voting machines, set all the vote totals (to whatever they wanted) and make the machines play the UM Fight! song after each voter finished.’

If that’s not bad enough, there is evidence that hackers in China and Iran are working hard to penetrate the computerized system.  (Won’t it look kind of odd if we have to ship a case of those ‘I Voted’ stickers to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and another to Hu Jintao?)

Whatever your opinion may be of Bill Gardener, he just wants the Feds to leave us alone.  I agree.  Obama’s only interest in controlling voting is to control the vote.  He and his party have far too much disdain for the unwashed masses to allow them to make decisions as important as these all by themselves. 

All of this makes you long for the days of the hanging chad, or better yet, appreciate the good old SAT-like ovals on a paper ballot and a well overseen hand count.  It may take longer but at least you have some reasonable expectation that it represents the will of the people instead of some hacker from the Peoples Republic of UM.


H/T Dan McGuire.