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Something Stupid This Way Comes

Photo Credit-Red HampshirePaul Hodes August recess has afforded him the opportunity to engage in what he is calling his Wake up Washington Tour.   My first thought was…who is sleeping in the State of Washington and why does Paul Hodes want to wake them up?  As it turns out, he’s talking about the District of Columbia and how to deal with "Business as usual."

Paul Hodes is bringing his "Wake Up Washington" Tour across the Granite State!  Stop by an event near you to sit down with Paul and share your ideas about changing business as usual in Washington, standing up to the special interests, and rebuilding our economy for the middle class.
Paul is running for the U.S. Senate to be an independent voice for you, and no one else.  Join your neighbors and friends for some good food, great conversation, and the chance to learn more about Paul’s campaign.

I’m not entirely sure what business he’s talking about.  As part of the partisan majority Mr. Hodes has gone out of his way to ignore the will of the people.   He has voted for trillions in spending, grown debt and government, and funds his campaign with donations from the PAC’s of the Senatorial elite–cash rich entrenched democrats who are business as usual.  So my suggestion on how he can help–lose the election.

But since we can’t really expect that, lets just look at this in it’s proper perspective.  This quote comes from an email sent to "Hodes supporters."  Given that bit of news the terms "Wake Up Washington," "Business as usual," and my favorite " be an independent voice for you and no one else," take on an entirely different hue.

"Wake up Washington" really means wake up his left wing base to bash republicans in Washington because he is getting his ass handed to him in this election.  Changing "business as usual" means figure out why democrats with a Majority in both houses and the White House have had such a hard time keeping their caucus in line.  "…to be an independent voice for you and no one else" is simply a reminder to the base that no matter what he says to try and get re-elected he will revert back to voting with the party leadership and along the left wing line… for you and no one else.

Oh, and Joe Biden is coming to town to support him (and Carol Seiu-Porter).  Yeah.  Everyone looovvves Joe Biden.  Democrats don’t even like Biden.  So that’s like tying another cinder block on before getting pushed off the end of the pier.

So keep your eyes open.  Something stupid this way comes, and it looks disturbingly like Paul Hodes campaign.