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Got Hate? -The Keith Halloran edition

Keith Halloran Has itKeith Halloran is famous.  If for some reason you did not know this, the reason for his sudden brush with national fame (or perhaps infamy) is that candidate Keith Halloran, NH Democrat, wished Sarah Palin Dead

In a discussion about the death of Senator Ted Stevens, Halloran–clearly a product of the Ray Buckley/Kathy Sullivan wing of the left wing NH democrat party said, ‘Just wish Sarah And Levy (sic) were on board."

Not sure what he has against Levi.  Maybe he’s hot for Bristol and he ruined her for him?

So far neither the democrat party nor Keith "Death Wish" Halloran have been available for comment.  Plenty of folks will think that’s because they are working on the spin, but the reality of the situation is that they really do wish Sarah Palin was on that plane.

They hate her.  They hate what she stands for.  They hate that she is a woman, like’s guns, loves God, and on an on…  They’ve got HATE!

So there really isn’t much more to the story unless we want to pursue the New Hampshire democrat party leaderships likelihood that they will…’denounce’ his statements, or even him. 

False outrage is their stock and trade but they are not too terribly good with it when the shoe is on the other foot, and they are terrible with legitimate outrage directed at them.  But since they are constantly demanding that everyone else denounce this or that and anyone who does not is assumed (by them) to have condoned whatever it is they want denounced, it will be interesting to see if they are willing to eat this like the hypocrats they are.

But here-in lies the problem for the New Hampshire democrat Leadership.  They can’t honestly denounce him because they want her dead and everyone knows it.   Keith simply had the misfortune of allowing himself to say in public the very things he and his democrat peers discuss in private.

So what’s the prediction? Dead silence.  Halloran will make some sort of non-apology apology and the lefty leadership will side step the entire issue just like they always done.

Grab the popcorn.  I’d love to be wrong.


H/T to Now Hampshire and Red Hampshire and here’s the link at the Daily Caller